Review - Sushi Japanese

Best Local Japanese Takeaway near Lee Green Greater London SE12

Max - 06/10/2015

" Best sushi place in our area that we have tried "

Alina - 04/10/2015

" Excellent! Thank you very much! "

Luke - 04/10/2015

" Nice as usual "

Christiana - 03/10/2015

" Second time,and sashimi was again outstanding, I was as ever in my sushi heaven. Both times the food was excellent. Delivery guy was polite and fact for a light miscommunication they even gifted us delicious dessert chocolate mochi. They weren't even late or anything so i was delightfully surprised, I highly recommend takoyaki, rainbow set and yammi chocolate mochi for complete meal. Last time I tried Harmony set which was amazing as well. Highly recommend for Quality, presentation, price and customer service. "

Derek - 02/10/2015

" Great food! Nice to have a more fresh and healthier option in the area! "

Dani - 02/10/2015

" Have been ordering this takeaway for a while now I have to say their food is delicious, very well made and nicely presented. Order sea food udon soup which absolutely amazing. A highly recommended takeaway. "

William - 01/10/2015

" Delicious food and nice presentation, well done!!! "

Nicholas - 30/09/2015

" Fantastic meal deal!!! Received salmon tuna box, which fresh nice and tasty. Got enough soya sauce, ginger and wasabi. Very happy to recommend this sushi place. "

Sarah - 28/09/2015

" Superb food - fantastic service!! Yum! "

Fabiano - 23/09/2015

" Loved the food!very healthy and fresh test, would love to try more from their menu, delivery time was accurate and they even inform me when they sent the driver, really appreciated that, very happy I decided to try this take away, will definitely order again. Thank you very much "

Piter - 22/09/2015

" Sushis are fantastic,fresh and testy. fried rice, noodles and seafood soup have all been lovely very tasty. Never disappointed by sushi japanese! "

Edo - 21/09/2015

" Beautiful sushi! Fantastic for the price. My friend Mr Dentol is a big takeaway guy and I'm definitely telling him about this place. "

Juliana - 20/09/2015

" Great quality and very fast delivery. "

Tiago - 15/09/2015

" Looks like we've found our new regular Japanese takeaway at our new address.everything tasted great,and most importantly,felt clean! "

Andrew - 14/09/2015

" I love good sushi and these guys do it really well!! Ordered many times from them and will order many more times. "

Adam - 14/09/2015

" Fresh, quick, beautiful and tasty. Will be ordering again. "

Roy - 14/09/2015

" Excellent meal, a refreshing change from the mainstream take away's. The food was presented wonderfully and it is evident that the staff are passionate in the quality and presentation of their food. "

Binny - 13/09/2015

" Yakisoba noodle was cooked beautifully and the service was also brilliant as usual.will continue to be my favourite takeaway in the area. "

Kevin - 13/09/2015

" Authentic sushi place that delivers food on time,the portions are large and the food is well packaged & nicely presented by delivery man,the biggest futomaki roll I've seen! So fresh and tested good, specially futomaki roll and soup was marvellous,and got delicious dessert as complementary, I look forward to ordering again and trying something new. "

Juan - 06/09/2015

" Very good quality of food and fantastic customer service. "

Andrew - 03/09/2015

" Quality,presentation and taste everything perfect, well done. "

Lin - 29/08/2015

" Good quality of food and great service,recommend. "

Jitti - 27/08/2015

" I really can't praise the food in this place enough. I have ordered from here a few times and is just keeps getting better and better. Well done guys keep it up. "

Ellie - 25/08/2015

" Delicious food, fast delivery. Will definitely order again! "

Nina - 24/08/2015

" Great sushi, fast delivery and good customer service. "